ATP Lifestyles 2020/21

LIFESTYLES 2 ATP (formerly AlliedTPro) is a dynamic and innovative company, committed to offering comprehensive travel experiences based on market demands and valuable client feedback. Quality, reliability, efficiency and competitive pricing are the operating tools of our team based in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Honolulu and our headquarters in New York City. We are committed to delivering a total travel product that is precisely tailored to the individual wishes and needs of the arriving visitor. ATP Lifestyle is a product line that encompasses all manner of travel genres.Whether the request is for five-star, white- glove luxury or cutting-edge designer hot-spots, quaint New England inns or historic plantation homes, rustic wilderness lodges or unique ranches, there is a selection of accommodation to suit every lifestyle. The following pages showcase a selection of products and ideas that reflect current trends in the marketplace and fulfill specific, discriminating client needs. These products are so extraordinary that they can be custom-tailored to suit any request and so diverse that every lifestyle is catered for. Lifestyles ensures the travel experience of a lifetime to every visitor, every time. Because every traveler is special.